Local Wildlife

Cledan Valley is not a holiday park. There are no manicured lawns, graveled paths or creosoted fences. Cledan Valley is about peace and comfort in a wild and natural place – the benefit of this is the abundant flora and fauna that stay on site and go about their business without giving you a second glance.

There is literally tons of stuff to see and while the kids are getting excited about beetles and dragonflies look to the skies and see some intense birdlife, from your chair…

We have a huge range of insects and mini-beasts as well as frogs and slow worms in the area.

Local mammals include:
– Foxes
– Badgers
– Rabbits
– Hares
– Stoats
– Weasels
– Bats
– Pine Martins (very rare to see but they are about)
– Sheep (probably not a surprise)

Particularly though we have a huge range of birdlife and our site has more than thirty nesting boxes and additional feeding areas.

The following list includes birds that we have seen and heard at Cledan Valley, some are common and others are particularly special.